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Disability Absence Management

The cost of absences has risen in today’s business market compared to just five years ago.  In fact, it is expected to continue to increase in the years to come. Some reasons for this shifting are due to the uncertainty of the economy’s stability, the increased number of disability claims, and management lack of information regarding this new trend. 


For some employers, the cost relating to an absence is usually time that an employee uses to be paid while out from work.  Some of these expenses are sick time, paid time off, etc. However, somewhere within the tracking process the company’s financial reporting of data lacks sufficiency of its assets.  A company’s philosophy of doing things as usual has eliminated the company’s ability to integrate resourceful units to produce a competitive advantage in its industry.


Prodigy HR Consulting can bridge this gap in the areas of STD/LTD disability, workers’ comp, LOAs (federal/state), ADA (Americans Disability Act) and the interactive process.

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