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Prodigy HR Consulting is a multi-service Human Resource Consulting group.  Our services range from Benefits, Disability/Absence Management, HR Audit, Risk Management, ADA/EEOC, and Training.  We provide our area of expertise to small & mid-size companies as well as government agencies. We will add value to the HR function within your organization to ensure application of the law in each focused discipline. 

Management leaders face an array of challenging situations that require knowledge of employment law as it relates to human resources.  In many cases; although the intent of the decision is to be justified with merit, it is not in compliance.

As an advocate to promote compliance, we can provide consultation and training services that adhere to the law while maintaining the standards and culture of the organization.  We have the capabilities to meet your human resource needs.

Align. Strategy. Solution.

Our Services

Our Services

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Prodigy HR Consulting can empower individuals with an in-depth scope of knowledge to utilize in practical day-to-day operations as they maximize their human resource capabilities.  In turn, it will increase employee morale, productivity, rapport, and efficiency. Contact us today!

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